Social Impact Music Videos is an initiative centred around using music to help those in need.

With the backing of a charity, SIM Videos creates a music video for a song of an Artists Choice, already released or a new song.

The song is then released as an awareness campaign with part of the proceeds going to the charity at the artists discretion.


The SIM Videos team works with all parties through every aspect of the production to make sure quality is guaranteed.

The Artist has complete control over:

which song is chosen.
which charity is chosen.
which concept is chosen.
whether to participate in the music video.
when and how the song is released.
how much, if any sales of the song goes to the charity.

The Charity pays for the chosen SIM Video. The Production is done by SIM Videos with the approval of the Record Company and the Charity.

SIM Videos will build anticipation around their quarterly release dates.
Our fans will know when we are going to release the next video, but they won’t know what Artist, What Song & What Charity.



“I have always believed that music had the power to move people into action. The impact that both music and storytelling have on how we see ourselves and how we impact each other is key to change. When you hear a piece of music you visualize a memory, imagine a world, or are moved to feeling that is so profound. I’ve seen what Australian Production House can do with these music videos. Their first pilot using a Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody song they wrote a music video about domestic violence from the perspective of a child. It moved me to tears. This is an amazing opportunity for the music industry to be involved in storytelling in a way that actually has an impact on real people’s lives.”

Sim Videos Ambassador


An innovative merger of philanthropic intent and industry talent! Emotional connection on important social issues is raised through story-based music videos. A recording artist offers the song; a production house writes and creates the video; a philanthropist funds production and dissemination. Music video sales and views raise funds for charity. And we are all the richer for understanding important social issues in the process. Highly creative.

Co-founder Of Filantropia


“Music is the great healer. And SIM not only addresses important social issues but does so bringing new life and creativity to music videos and philanthropic causes.There has never been a better time to bring music back with re-envisioned passion and meaning. This is an exciting project that will touch many and make a difference”

COO Australian Media House



If you are an artist or represent an artist and would like to see an example of the videos we have done, or if you would like to watch the SIM Video for domestic violence with an A-list artists song and artists, please email us: